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CZ 512 Tactical

512 Tactical

Semi-automatic tactical rimfire rifle. The CZ 512 system is fitted an adjustable stock, aluminium forestock and a one-piece 530 mm Picatinny rail for the attachment of various accessories. The aluminium forestock is of a cylindrical shape and is ventilated for better transfer of heat from the barrel during fast firing. The cylinder is fitted with 80 threaded holes on its circumference for the attachment of various accessories. The stock can be adjusted in length in 6 positions. The comb height is also adjustable.
In standard, the firearm comes with a 25-round magazine for 22 LR and a 10-round magazine for 22 WMR.


  • Various buttplate versions
  • Picatinny rails in various lengths (50 mm, 102 mm, 305 mm)
  • Set of combs (standard + higher)
  • Sling swivels
  • 512

CZ 512

The CZ 511 was produced in .22 LR cal. up until 2006 as an addition to the repeating rimfire rifles on offer. It was clear that if Česká zbrojovka wanted to remain engaged in this field, it would have to take a weapon which would be more modern, more versatile and capable of firing ammunition other than just the traditional .22 LR. And thus the CZ 512, a self-loading rimfire rifle was born and came into production in 2010.

The 512 is an attractive modern weapon, designed for universal use by left and right-handed users. The unlocked steel bolt moves in the upper part of the receiver, made from aluminium alloy. In the lower part of the receiver, made of durable fibreglass and reinforced polymer, lies the block with the hammer trigger mechanism and the magazine well. The transversal manual safety is located down in the trigger guard.

The CZ 512 model has been designed to be modular and the choice of calibre is a matter for the final assembly. The .22 LR and .22 WMR versions differ in the barrel, bolt and magazine, with or without the insert. In addition, the WMR is also equipped with a chute, which prevents the building up of ammunition during heavy movements of the bolt backwards. In terms of the design, the CZ 512 model stands between a traditional hunting rifle with its lacquered beech stock and a hi-tech one regarding the shape of the receiver. It is original and yet natural. The only thing is, its look unnecessarily defines the target group too narrowly because it is obvious that despite all the modern gadgets, such a self-loading rimfire rifle will appeal primarily to traditionalists.

Where Has Tactical Come From

When Richard Velísek had taken enough delight in my amazement on the range, he told me that the gun which made my jaw drop was the CZ 512 Tactical. A very apt name and undoubtedly a very good move. But where has this tactical 512 actually come from?

Apparently, it had been quite a long journey. People at Česká zbrojovka were well aware of the trading limits the basic design had. It was already three years earlier when they began thinking about how to take advantage of the CZ 512 modularity to offer a version which would follow the latest trends. These include the ever-increasing popularity of .22 LR weapons, which outwardly resemble submachine guns or assault rifles.

Nevertheless, in recent years Česká zbrojovka has been far from idle (check out the last few catalogues), so this in-factory tuning never got into the main research and development plan. Fortunately, their colleagues from the CZ-USA subsidiary did not allow the matter to sleep. They are used to not obtaining everything “in house” and cooperate with a number of weapon components and accessories manufacturers. In this case, they have negotiated with Advanced Technology International, a well-known company specializing in high-quality plastic stocks and gripping parts for weapons – and a new product was born.

It is remarkable how little it takes to evoke a completely different impression. After all, the base is still the CZ 512: its receiver, bolt and barrel. But instead of the beech stock, the whole thing is “dressed” in a tactical chassis and the result has not only modern but even slightly futuristic feel about it.

The barrel is encased in a long aluminium forend with slanted vents. On the top, there is an even longer Weaver mounting rail and the forend has openings for attaching additional rails. Accessories enthusiasts can thus bedeck their CZ 512 Tactical at their pleasure. Below, there is a pistol grip with rubber gripping surfaces, a telescopic butt in the AR-15 style at the rear, adjustable in six positions. In addition, the muzzle has a threaded cover as standard.

What is more, the CZ 512, dressed in a jacket from ATI not only looks damn good but is also excellent to hold and shooting itself is perfect. The tubular forend literally makes you hold the weapon in a modern tactical grip with the thumb on top, which is quite unnecessary with .22s, but through this, one can learn appropriate habits before shooting from full-blooded assault rifles. The option to set the length of the stock is priceless. And the wonderful pistol grip…

In short, I was thrilled. The CZ 512 does appeal to me, it is reliable and accurate, but I always had the impression that it was a respectable weapon for respectable hunters. The CZ 512 Tactical is another story. Of course, you can go hunting small game with it, in .22 cal. WMR it is powerful enough. But in my eyes, it is above all a rifle with which you can have great fun, especially when you purchase the new 25 round magazine from Uherský Brod, which is extremely reliable and suitable for all modern CZ rimfire rifles.

And at the very end, Richard told me (how else than with a bit of drama) that the story of CZ 512 was not finished just yet. But more about that in a year …

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